Dr. Araujo has worked in a combination of educational and clinical settings conducting evaluations and therapy with children and adolescents experiencing developmental, learning or emotional difficulties. In 2002 she completed her Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley in the Cognition and Development Program. She worked as a school psychologist for several years while also completing internship/training at the University of California, San Francisco. Her school psychology background offers specialized knowledge and experience in meeting the needs of special needs students in the school setting.

She subsequently completed a two year postdoctoral fellowship at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and at the UW Autism Center to obtain specialized training in neuropsychological assessment. This included experience with children affected by neurodevelopmental disorders, chronic illness, and acquired injuries, including autism spectrum disorder.

Currently, in addition to her private practice, she holds a clinical faculty appointment at the University of Washington and works at clinics within Seattle Children's Hospital (Autism Center) and the University of Washington Center for Human Development and Disability (CHDD) conducting evaluations of individuals affected by neurodevelopmental disorders and maintaining training on evidence-based practices.  

Additionally, Dr. Araujo speaks Spanish fluently and can conduct neuropsychological testing and therapy in Spanish.

Mariam Araujo, PhD

Diagnostic and formal assessments
Dr. Araujo has extensive experience in the neuropsychological assessment of developmental, learning, emotional and behavioral problems of individuals ages 2 years to early adulthood. This includes differential diagnosis of developmental disorders as well as ADHD, learning disabilities,  anxiety, depression and other conditions. Treatment recommendations address educational considerations, therapy and family-based interventions.

Assessments typically include a clinical interview with the caregiver(s), observation of the child, psychological testing and a feedback session with the parents. Formal testing may include measures of the following:

Academic/pre-academic achievement
Adaptive skills
Attention/executive functions
Social Skills
Emotional Functioning
Intellectual functioning
Learning and memory
Nonverbal/visual processing
Motor skills
Personality and emotional functioning

Dr. Araujo also specializes in comprehensive evaluation for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. This extensive experience with individuals on the autism spectrum (since 2002), and in collaborating with schools and other providers, can ensure an evaluation will adequately address educational and treatment planning.

Psychological testing and/or evaluation can assist with a determination of specific disability, eligibility requirements for gifted/advanced learning programs and/or other services/programs which may be appropriate. 

Psychotherapy and consultation
Dr. Araujo can provide consultation to assist with determining appropriate educational and treatment recommendations. Typically, this begins with a comprehension interview and examination to determine appropriate treatment plan. It may or may not include ongoing therapy to address specific treatment goals.

Individual and family-based psychotherapy is also provided to children and adolescents for a variety of mental health issues. Elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and other cognitive-based strategies are utilized based upon the age and cognitive ability of the individual. Behavioral management, including parent education and support for behavior interventions is also supplemented as needed.

School-based consultation can also be provided to assist with educational planning and interventions. This can be helpful subsequent to a formal evaluation which includes cognitive and/or academic testing. However, can also be provided for current therapy clients to assist with integration of therapy goals with other school-based interventions as appropriate. 

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